Bodog Casino is a very popular online gambling site that has been going strong since it first started in 1995. This site is geared towards residents outside of the United States; however, anyone can join in and play. With hundreds of games to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Bodog Casino uses Realtime software so that you are instantly seeing and getting results. Players can choose to play the basic online version or download the software to win more money. To download the Bodog Casino simply go to their website and follow the instructions.

Starting Out at Bodog Casino
To become a member and register your membership, players must first fill in some pertinent information and then confirm their registration via email. A deposit into the central account will need to be made before a player can begin playing any of the games. It is important to note that all monies will need to be deposited and withdrawn from the central account even though there are three different accounts. To use the funds or chips to play one of the three accounts; Poker House, Online Sports Book or Casino, the player must deposit and withdraw from the Central Bodog Casino account. This may be confusing at first, but players generally get the idea of it in a few minutes. Keep in mind that when a player wins from any of the three accounts, those funds go into the central account. So, if a player wins in the Poker House, the monies will not be in the Poker House Account but will instead be in the Central Bodog Casino Account.

Making deposits and transfers to the Bodog Casino account is relatively easy and quick. Usually a transfer or deposit takes about fifteen minutes to show up into the account. This is usually just for the first and initial deposit; after making the first deposit the rest of the players deposits typically show up almost instantly.

Some of the Bodog Casino Games Available
Although there are hundreds to choose from, only a few will be mentioned in this review. Bodog has about 13 table games of different Blackjack and poker games to choose from as well as many slot machines for the slot lovers.

Face Up 21: This is a very interesting game as it is based on the principles of Blackjack, however, it has a few different quirks to it. For example, unlike regular Blackjack, Face Up 21 allows the player to see both of the dealer’s cards instead of the usual of only seeing one card. While this does give the player an advantage in deciding whether to hit or stand, they must also be aware that, unlike regular Blackjack, if the dealer and the player ties it does not go to a push, instead the dealer wins the hand.

All American Poker: This game can really get expensive if the player isn’t watching what they are doing. Bets can be placed at a cent up to a dollar per hand and there are 100 hands to play. If a player doesn’t feel comfortable playing 100 hands, there is an option to only play 50 hands which is known as the half-way house option.

Slot Machines: There are a lot of slot machines to choose from, each having their own unique playing reels and little quirks.

Bodog Casino is an excellent online gaming place that has been in business going on two decades. The fact that they have been in business so long gives testament to their stability and popularity.

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